WeChat Official Accounts are public accounts managed by brands, organizations, services. Creating an Official Account for your business will allow you to connect, engage and transact with your audience in a closed, one-to-one environment.



WeChat Official Accounts are the equivalent of Facebook pages. This kind of account empowers organizations to officially use WeChat to promote their products or services, to send push notifications to their followers, to redirect to their website or e-commerce site, to use as a marketing tool such as interactive campaign or loyalty program and more.

Now all WeChat OA is based on the same backend and accessible to Chinese users, but the oversea version has only one type of account, which is the service account. It is best to access to advanced Official Account feature but only allows the account manager to broadcast one message per week. The basic features of WeChat OA are as follows:

Broadcast Messaging

Message all followers or segment by geography, gender, or a custom group.

Content Management

Upload image, audio, and video files, and create multimedia cards.

Direct Messaging

Send text responses to individual follower messages.

Follower Management

View basic profile data, group followers, add aliases.

Auto Reply

Set up auto-replies to users based off keyword-triggers.


Detailed reporting on followers, content engagement, message volume, and much more.

Custom Menu

Flexibility to create custom features and behaviors with menu.

QR Codes Generator

Create QR codes for account follows.


WeChat Official Account has a wide array of tools you can use your business, and each of these can significantly contribute to your marketing strategy. Many companies are using WeChat OA as a marketing tool to promote themselves, especially targeting to Chinese customers. Quality creative content is necessary to hold audiences.

Targeted Audience Exposure

Have your brand’s Official Account exposed to the growing WeChat community.

One-to-One Communication

Establish an effective CRM strategy with direct communication to your consumers.

Fully Customizable

Create and develop your Official Account to replicate an app environment.

Social Sharing

Built in social sharing function to friends and timeline.

Access to Rich Features

Location-based services, QR code scanner

Reach Your Entire Audience

Ability to communicate to the entire audience you build at no extra costs.


Broadcast Message to Followers

WeChat QR codes can be created to serve a variety of functions within the app, and most importantly include a QR Code on all of your products, marketing materials, and packaging that can easily drive traffic to your Official Account. A good way to encourage scanning is to associate the QR Code with promotions, discounts, or any other offer to give your audience a reason to use the QR code.

Interaction With Followers

 WeChat OA allows you to have a close connection with your users and tell them that you care. You can use this feature to collect feedback, to provide post-sale assistance, to reply to inquiries, or to deliver messages crafted for specific users.

Auto Reply

The auto reply feature is useful to provide quick customer care service to your followers and add a little automation to your business. The auto reply can be set to react to specific keywords providing followers with a quick answer to their inquiries.

Loyalty Programs

You can create loyalty programs and give customers a membership card(virtual) they can use to interact with other members. Loyalty programs are useful to customize your marketing content and retain customers.

WeChat Advertising

This tool allows you to place your advertisement on other related WeChat accounts with over 100,000 followers which will give your brand large exposure. Moreover, the campaign on WeChat Advertising can be set to define the age, gender and location of the audience you want to reach.

H5 Campaigns

Followers need some motivation to be an enthusiastic follower of your brand. For this, you need to offer rewards such as promotions, prizes, vouchers, etc to entice engagement and attract followers.


Registering a WeChat OA is NOT as straightforward and easy as with other social network platforms, but we are pleased to register and set up an OA for you, for a fee. If you consider that WeChat OA is suitable for your business, it is well worth the value, especially your business is targeting to Chinese customers.