QNO is a Taiwan brand multi-WAN network security routers,  one of the most desired brand names of networking equipment for mid-to-small corporations.


Suitable for Small Internet Café, Hotel, School, Business, Hospital
  • 2x100Mbps WAN + 4x100Mbps LAN
  • MIPS64 Dual-Core processor, 128MB Memory
  • Maximum 30,000 sessions, 200Mbps Throughput
  • Capacity: 100~150 PCs in LAN
  • Support Load balance, QoS, Smart QoS, L7 Web QoS, Firewall, Access Control, Block MSN & P2P Application, QnoDDNS, Log, Mirror Port, SNMP, VLAN
  • 4x100Mbps WAN + 4x100Mbps LAN
  • MIPS64 Dual-Core processor, 256MB Memory
  • Maximum 50,000 sessions, 200Mbps Throughput
  • Capacity: 150~200 PCs in LAN
  • Support Load balance, QoS, Smart QoS, L7 Web QoS, Firewall, Access Control, Block MSN & P2P Application, QnoDDNS, Log, Mirror Port, SNMP, VLAN
Suitable for Large Internet Café, Hotel, School, Business, Hospital
  • 3~4xGigabit WAN + 1~2xGigabit LAN
  • MIPS64 Dual-Core processor, 256MB Memory
  • Maximum 120,000 sessions, 2Gbps Throughput
  • Capacity:100~150 PCs in LAN
  • Support Load balance, QoS & Smart QoS, Firewall & Hardware DoS prevention, Access Control, QnoDDNS, Log, Mirror Port, VLAN
  • 5xGigabit WAN + 5xGigabit LAN
  • MIPS64 Dual-Core 1G processor, 256MB Memory
  • Maximum 160,000 sessions, 2Gbps Throughput
  • Capacity:150~250 PCs in LAN
  • Support Load balance, QoS, Smart QoS, Firewall, Access Control, QnoDDNS, Log, Mirror Port, SNMP, VLAN
  • 5xGigabit WAN + 8xGigabit LAN
  • MIPS64 Advanced Dual-Core processor,1GB Memory
  • Maximum 300,000 sessions, 2Gbps Throughput
  • Capacity: 250~500 PCs in LAN
  • Support Load balance, QoS, Smart QoS, Access Control, QnoDDNS, Log, Mirror Port, SNMP, VLAN
  • 8xGigabit WAN + 5xGigabit LAN
  • MIPS64 Advanced Dual-Core processor, 1G Memory
  • Maximum 300,000 sessions, 2Gbps Throughput
  • Capacity: 250~500 PCs in LAN
  • Support Load balance, QoS, Smart QoS, Firewall, Access Control, QnoDDNS, Log, Mirror Port, SNMP, VLAN
Suitable for SOHO / Small Business / Branch Office
  • 1~2x100Mbps WAN + 3~4x100Mbps Switch LAN + 2xUSB port+2xWireless Antenna
  • The Setup Wizard guides you through setting up the wireless network
  • Guest Networks Access t help manage the guest wireless network
  • Maximum 40 VPN tunnels, VPN Throughput 100Mbps
  • Support WMM to prioritize multimedia traffic
  • 3~4xGigabit WAN + 1~2xGigabit LAN
  • MIPS64 network processor, 256MB Memory
  • Maximum 30,000 sessions, 2Gbps Throughput
  • Capacity: 50~100 PCs in LAN
  • Support Load balance, QoS, Firewall, Access Control, QnoDDNS, Log, SNMP, Mirror Port, VLAN, IPSec/QVM SmartLink/PPTP VPN
Suitable for Medium Business / Enterprise Headquarter / Branch office
  • 3~4xGigabit WAN + 1~2xGigabit LAN
  • MIPS64 dual-core processor, 256MB Memory
  • Maximum 50,000 sessions, 2Gbps Throughput
  • Capacity: 100~150 PCs in LAN
  • Support Load balance, QoS, Firewall, Access Control, QnoDDNS, Log, SNMP, Mirror Port, VLAN, IPSec/QVM SmartLink/PPTP VPN
USB VPN Client for Single PC or Mobile User


  • (Work with Qno QVF Security Appliance)
  • Easy Plug & Play to establish VPN connection
  • Support Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 Operating System
  • Implement standard IPSec VPN for data encryption and identification.
Suitable for Business / Enterprise Headquarter
  • 2 x WAN + 4 x LAN
  • MIPS64 dual-core processor, 256MB Memory
  • Maximum 30,000 sessions, 200Mbps Throughput
  • Capacity: 100~150 PCs in LAN
  • Support Load balance, QoS, Firewall, Access Control, QnoDDNS, Log, SNMP, Mirror Port, VLAN, IPSec/SSL/QVM SmartLink/PPTP VPN
  • 4 x WAN + 4 x LAN
  • MIPS64 dual-core processor, 256MB Memory
  • Maximum 50,000 sessions, 200Mbps Throughput
  • Capacity: 100~150 PCs in LAN
  • Support Load balance, QoS, Firewall, Access Control, QnoDDNS, Log, SNMP, Mirror Port, VLAN, IPSec/SSL/QVM SmartLink/PPTP VPN
  • 5 Gigabit x WAN + 5 Gigabit x LAN
  • MIPS64 dual-core 1G processor, 256MB Memory
  • Maximum 160,000 sessions, 2Gbps Throughput
  • Capacity: 150~250 PCs in LAN
  • Support Load balance, QoS, Firewall, Access Control, QnoDDNS, Log, SNMP, Mirror Port, VLAN, IPSec/SSL/QVM SmartLink/PPTP VPN
  • 4 Gigabit x WAN + 8 Gigabit x LAN
  • MIPS64 Advanced dual-core processor, 1GB Memory
  • Maximum 300,000 sessions, 2Gbps Throughput
  • Capacity: 250~500 PCs in LAN
  • Support up to 300 concurrent SSL VPN Tunnels
  • Support Load balance, QoS, Firewall, Access Control, QnoDDNS, Log, SNMP, Mirror Port, VLAN, IPSec/SSL/QVM SmartLink/PPTP VPN
  • 4 Gigabit x WAN + 8 Gigabit x LAN
  • MIPS64 Advanced dual-core processor, 2GB Memory
  • Maximum 300,000 sessions, 2Gbps Throughput
  • Capacity: 250~500 PCs in LAN
  • Support up to 700 concurrent SSL VPN Tunnels
  • Support Load balance, QoS, L7 Web QoS, Firewall, Access Control, Block MSN & P2P Application, QnoDDNS, Log, SNMP, Mirror Port, VLAN, IPSec/SSL/QVM SmartLink/PPTP VPN


In such an information time, the network is already becoming a vital impulsion for industries’ development. So is for Hotel. How to be more competitive mostly depends on its informatization process. In overall terms, there are two kinds of broadband requirements for Hotel. The first one is for independent hotels, who are asking for smooth, stable and strong networks. The other one is for chain hotels, seeking for more comprehensive networks among Headquarter, branches and mobile users.

After contacting with many hotels which have to access broadband, Qno, as an expert on Router, finds their requirements as follows:

  • A stable and long-running environment: No matter what kind of hotels they are, chain hotels for VPN or independent hotels supplying normal surfing, they are both requiring a reliable and steady continuous network operation for online computers.
  • Separate management on VPN and Public Network: This is typically for chain hotels. Establishing VPN tunnels, the network administrator can have clear and exclusive network among very hotels in the group and separate this VPN network from ordinary Internet usage of hotel guests for a better efficiency.
  • Restrictions on heavy download: Broadband misusage such as BT, Thunder has already bothered hotel runners for a long period, influencing other users’ speed in accessing the Internet.
  • Controls on online behaviors: For a better working efficiency, Hotel really hopes its employees no IM chatting during working hours.
  • Virus preventing from both intranet and internet: Service Industry is devoting itself to a better service. So for supplying a better online quality, hotel runners hope some effective solutions against the hacker, ARP and so on.
  • Easy configuration: As the fact that many hotel employees are not professionals in operating the network, easy installations and configurations will be better for them.

QNO Solution for Independent Hotel:

  • Smart QoS Bandwidth Management for effectiveness
    As the referring complaints about bandwidth misusage, thus slow speed connectivity to the internet, Qno specially develops this function. It can list the IPs which used too much bandwidth for observation, then making the punishment for continue overusing bandwidth. In this way, the network administrator could easily have restrictions on such inappropriate behaviors, meantime guaranteeing other users’ minimum bandwidth in accessing the internet.
  • Powerful Firewall for security
    Every day there are millions of guests coming and getting out of hotels. So for hotel runners, considering of safety, the network itself must have some mechanism preventing all kinds of the hacker, ARP and worm virus invasion. With the built-in firewall, Qno Router does very well regarding this problem. SPI inspect the passing by packages and Auto Bi-biding IP/MAC stops ARP attack effectively. Moreover, one click can make controls on staffs’ IM chatting hence improving working efficiency.
  • VLAN to decrease virus diffusing
    Qno VLAN not only restricts virus and useless information, also avoids Broadcast Strom.
  • Dynamic IP Environment
    Qno VPN products all support various DDNS, such as QnoDDNS, 3322.org, DynDNS and so on, making users enjoy a reliable high-speed VPN connectivity.

The Topology as follows:

QNO Router

QNO Solution for Chain Hotel:

  • Supportive for lots of protocols
    Hotel headquarter is the center of data transmission, connected with all branches in different locations and the business travelers. This makes Router a necessity which is able to support many VPN protocols for various connection types. Qno VPN Firewall series can support PPTP, IPSec VPN, SSL VPN, etc. and also easily connect with other routers, realizing the real-time information sharing of ERP, room booking, and other applications.
  • Fast VPN connection
    For branches, the hotel had better deploy IPSec VPN Router because of its superior security. Based on IPSec VPN, Qno launched SmartLink setting. Only IP, User Name, and Password, users can establish its connection quickly and easily.
  • Central Control
    Qno QVM series support a central interface for network administrators to watch 200 branches at most. They can also make settings of each router through VPN, which is very safe and efficient.
  • Able to intercommunicate among branches
    Without configuring VPN between two branches, Qno special VPN Hub can realize each branch’s connection through Headquarter. Moreover, different ISPs’ existing sometimes causes cross network issues. Thanks to VPN Hub, Users can also visit other ISPs different from its own one under the help of VPN Hub, improving the efficiency.
  • Multi-WANs
    Qno multi-WAN designing, for one thing, provides a backup interface in case of VPN losing connection. For another thing, through Protocol Binding, users can bind certain applications to assigned interfaces to guarantee the bandwidth. By separating VPN and other services to different WAN interfaces, VPN connection performs stable not interfered by other applications.
  • QnoKey IPSec
    It always happens that managers, businessmen or purchasing staff are on business traveling and they need to connect to Headquarter or branches to get information. However, they have little knowledge about VPN Router setting. At this time, users can realize their purpose after typing username and password with a QnoKey.
  • Excellent Extending
    Considering business development, Hotel may have potentials to establish more branches in different locations. Qno VPN Firewall series have a flexible capacity for more demands. Multi-WAN can connect more ADSLs for extending bandwidth and save cost as ADSL is much cheaper than Optical Fiber. Qno VPN products also passed International VPNC and are compatible with other routers providing users a various choice.

The Topology as follows:

QNO Router

Increasingly companies are founding their factories or branches on overseas for development. The inevitable telephone spending on communication is becoming one of their highest expenses. These bills bring enterprise supervisors a lot of pains. So how to decrease spends on the telephone is what many companies are working on. Under this condition, VOIP, Video Conferencing, and Data Inter-Transmitting appeared.

But for VOIP users, there appears another problem, worse and worse voice quality, also more and more severe voice delay/lag because many ISPs in some areas have bandwidth controls over VOIP or even block VoIP traffic. They have to give up VOIP and pick up the expensive telephones for long distances or oversee.

As a matter of fact, for the above issues, it could be very simple to be solved by integrating VOIP in VPN, which is one of Qno QVF VPN Router’s features. Besides this characteristic, it also integrates Video Conferencing and Data Transmitting in the VPN tunnel. Because of these designs, it is becoming more convenient for information transmission and data delivering among companies and factories. What’s more, there is no restriction and additional fee in Video Conferencing and VOIP. By using Qno QVF VPN Router, these companies save telephone spending and only have to pay expenses on broadband access, which costs comparably less. In this way, they save money and get a confidential protection.

Here is an example: X Company in Taichung, Taiwan, purchased two Qno QVF VPN routers, which featured 4-WANs and 90Mbps Data Encryption rate, one in Taichung and the other one in Dongguan, China. By its high-performance Virtual Private Network, the user could carry on Video Conferencing, VOIP, and Data Inter-Transmitting without worrying about the encryption rate. Besides, Data Transmitting through VPN can escape from ISPs’ controls on bandwidth in Mainland in order to make sure VOIP’s quality. Many VPN products in the current market have a low capability to carry out VOIP and Video system after Data Transmitting. While comparing with them, Qno QVF VPN Router’s Intel IXP 533 CPU, hardware VPN encryption engine, and 4-WANs can solve these problems, realizing win-win in lower cost and higher safety.

Below is the Topology:

The practical configuration format as follows:

  1. Qno QVF VPN Router in Taiwan sets a Class B segment192.168.0.X: for Video Conferencing devices; for VOIP Gateway; for Server.
  2. Qno QVF VPN Router in China sets a Class B segment10.10.0.X: for Video Conferencing Devices; for VOIP Gateway; 10.10.3.X for Staff.
  3. VPN Tunnel 1 in Taiwan WAN1 connects to China WAN1 for Video Conferencing devices.
  4. VPN Tunnel 2 in Taiwan WAN2 connects to China WAN2 for VOIP Gateway.
  5. VPN Tunnel 3 in Taiwan WAN3 connects to China WAN3 for Data Transmitting.


As the development and popularity of network technology, there comes of Multimedia Network Surveillance System. Combining Digital Video Monitoring and Network technologies, it realizes RVM even when no one on the monitoring spot. In this way, there are no geographical restrictions on monitoring, thus improving the management level and efficiency. However, the information safety cannot get guaranteed. With VPN’s appearance, RVM achieves a safe and convenient transmission.

Following our customers’ demands in detail in RVM Building:

  • Secure Transmission
    Taking account of information exposed in extranet without encryption, users hope RVM’s transmission process to Headquarter safely, not revealing companies’ confidential. And if the videoing could arrive at the destination in real time, then network administrators could take responses for secure protection and warning. All these ask to build an integral VPN RVMS, realizing a stable and safe transmission.
  • Stable Broadband Access
    Monitoring information is transmitted through VPN, which does make a secure and stable connection. But once the broadband access via the Public internet is unstable, the connection gets lost and hence influencing VPN’s working. So a stable broadband access or supporting backup when ISP being disconnected is very necessary for users.
  • Huge Handling Capacity
    As we all know, Multimedia Network Surveillance System takes up huge bandwidth, including the transmission of video, voice and relevant data. Speaking of big volume, there is no doubt to extend the bandwidth to realize a real-time and smooth delivering. But just adding lines to extend bandwidth cost a lot and brings problems in management. Considering this, users are looking for appropriate devices to realize huge handling capacity with lower spending.
  • Anti-attack Firewall
    More and more network attacks and virus create the potential crisis for network security. It can decline the rate of information transmission. Worse still, it would influence the whole network and RVM’s moving on. But more firewalls mean higher cost. Apparently, devices with built-in firewalls’ are users seeking for.
  • Online Behaviors Monitoring
    Some staff may download movies or use IM chatting during office hours. For one thing, the working efficiency gets reduced; for another, this occupancy in bandwidth could affect monitoring information’s transmission and real-time reaction. The most severe thing is bringing various virus, worms, and Trojan. As it turns out, certain configuration about controlling on intranet users is also very important for users.
  • Easy Configuration and Management
    Some companies have no professional network administrators. So it really bothers when comes of command in router’s configuration. Inviting experts will definitely influence working efficiency and increase cost. All these ask for an intuitive and easy configuration in Router’s UI.


  • For Headquarter
    Headquarter is the center of data storage and handling for any companies. Here owns the most computers and are carrying on the tremendous ex-changing of data from different branches. Besides, because it is connected with all the other branches to realize RVM and other behaviors, Qno suggests QVF8205, QVF8210, and QVF8230 etc. with built-in firewall and VPN functions considering of security.
  • For Branches
    Each branch may choose the similar router with Headquarter or not, taking cost and real demands in the account. However, for RVMS, it would be better to choose devices supporting NAT Traversal and different kinds of broadband access or ISPs, saving efforts in adjusting the configurations or maintenances. Qno here recommends its lower/middle sizes router such as QVF8034, QVF8042, QVF8072, and so on with VPN function.
  • For Mobile Users
    Company’s staff and also the network administrator may be on a business outside. Under this condition, how to access RVM? They have a lot of choices, SSL Browser, PPTP Windows bringing with itself or other VPN software to access Headquarter, while all of these are painstaking, tedious and complex in configuration or insecure for them. Considering a perfect coordinating, you’d better choose QnoKey for its easy installation and application. Even the network administrator is outside; he/she could manage the whole LAN.

According to companies’ requirements on RVMS’ building and above analysis, a network deployment comes out.

Below is the Topology:

QNO Router
Figure:Topology of Qno VPN Solution for RVMS


X-Chain Pharmacy, having branches around the province, requires RVM for central administration in Headquarter. Deploying Qno’s solution, this company asks each branch having VPN software to realize its RVM. Qno Router has outstanding characteristics:

  • Multi-WAN
    Qno products Multi-WAN support Bandwidth Aggregation and Line Auto-Backup. Companies could access more ADSLs in case of additional demands in bandwidth. And by accessing several ISPs, VPN connection would always be on even when one of them is lost. Besides, it also realizes Data Distribution and Load Balancing for a better using.
  • Powerful Firewall
    Just configuring in clients’ routers, network administrators can start relevant actions to prevent all kinds of the hacker, ARP and worm virus invasion. SPI inspects the passing by packages to prevent ARP Attack in the 1st place and Auto Bi-biding IP/MAC protects ARP effectively. All of these decrease the damages from network attacks and ensure a secure network environment.
  • QoS Bandwidth Management
    It includes Qno traditional bandwidth management and SmartQoS management according to the session, Max/Min bandwidth, also doing Dynamic smart management to have restrictions on special applications or users. Moreover, QoS also support different policies in bandwidth management depending on diverse network environments and time periods (such as 3 polices a day), thus realizing bandwidth optimization.
  • Central Control
    The network administrator can check the VPN connection clearly without examining the connection of each branch, bandwidth usage, and video monitoring. Each branch is listed in the UI of Headquarter for configuration and problems finding. Just click on the specific branch, users could see the situation of this branch. The whole process is safe and efficient.
  • Easy configuration UI
    Qno Multi-WAN VPN Firewall series provides clear and plain UI settings. This series also support strong syslog. Taking look at Syslog Management helps find the monitoring information to make responses.
  • Effortless setting with SmartLink VPN
    Only the IP address of the central server, Username and code, the task will be finished comparing with other VPN products’ more than 20 setting rules.
  • Flexible in choosing other VPN Protocols
    The highest level Qno router supports PPTP, IPSec VPN, SmartLink VPN and QnoKey IPSec which offers various ways of building RVMS to accomplish an inter-communicate VPN system among Headquarter and all branches. This feature does a great offer in companies’ extending. And each newer branch could pick the most appropriate way and device by actual plan and application.
  • Strategy Routing
    Inter-communication among different ISPs causing stagnation because of insufficient bandwidth. With this functionality, certain ISP passes a dedicated WAN, reducing the effort to find the most suit way.
  • Exclusive Routing
    By Protocol banding, Qno router realizes certain service having its own WAN. For VPN using, you can band VPN to a WAN to ensure a stable VPN tunnel.

This application fully represents Qno’s “Simple, Safe, Speedy notion, which also satisfies the customer’s requirements at minimum cost. Especially for VPN RVMS users having high demands in bandwidth, security and sturdy, this solution provides a smooth VPN tunnel among Headquarter and branches, high quality in video monitoring, 1st time to resolve problems facing toughs. This is the most economical and convenient solution.

Except for Chain Pharmacy, this RVM solution can also be used in Chain shop POS system, bank system, construction field and many other fields.




As one newly rising industrialized nation, Philippine attracts lots of foreign investments. Along with this, there appears enormous labor moving around far away from home. To keep the connection with families and friends, undoubtedly the Internet will be the best choice in the 21st century. This is easy to explain why there is stupendous demand for computer and numerous Internet Cafés emerging in Philippine. Most of these Internet Cafes are small in size with 30-50PCs and basically provide Instant Chattings like MSN, Skype, Yahoo Message and games.


As one essential component of the computer networking to enable any sent data to arrive at the right destination, Internet Café runners have to choose the proper router with embedded gigabit ports to connect to the diskless system and gigabit switches in LAN. Besides, they also hope it is:

  • Easy in management
    In Internet Cafes, bandwidth usage is different among different time periods. For administrators, they should guarantee each one can access the Internet in peak and transfer unused bandwidth to people who need. In this case, a simple and clear configuration will be wonderful for nonprofessional administrators to allocate bandwidth effectively and maintain the networking.
  • Able to extend the bandwidth
    The increasing applications require more and more bandwidth. Considering of Optical Fiber’s high cost, most of Internet Café runners take several ADSLs to replace it. But this brings administrators new problems. How to manage these lines centrally and use the bandwidth flexibly? It asks the capability of Load Balance and line backup, as well as the optimization of external bandwidth use and the reinforcement of a stable connection.
  • Stable in connection
    In the Philippines, there are 3 ISPs: Globe, PLDT or Bayan Telecom. Sometimes, because of the small bandwidth, inter-visiting between different ISPs is not smooth and stable, hence influencing the speed. They need a smart routing solution.
  • Fast in transmitting:
    Common applications in these Internet Cafes are Games, Browsing, Chatting, Video and Downloading, especially the comparatively small packets like Gaming and IMS requiring higher transmitting speed.
  • Higher insecurity
    Computers will unavoidably get attacked since users are changing all the time in Internet Cafes. Additionally buying firewall certainly increases the cost. A multi-function Router with an advanced firewall to deal with ARP, DoS and any virus will be the perfect solution.
  • Flexible in ISP Access
    In Philippine, different places have different ISPs. But for specific ISP, they are looking for wireless access.


Referring to the above problems, Qno recommends QVF7303, 3~4 full gigabit interface QoS VPN Firewall router, for Philippine Internet Café runners. Embedded with a MIPS64 network processor, it is able to handle 2 billion instructions to reach 2Gbps bi-direction transmitting speed. Below are the outstanding performances it owns:

  • Optimized Multi-WAN Utilization
    Qno Multi-WAN ports can simultaneously realize bandwidth extending by accessing more ADSLs, which saves money and improves the efficiency. With Load Balancing, each line will get a reasonable utilization by averagely assigning online sessions/IP addresses, thus optimizing the current existing bandwidth.
  • Reasonable and Effective Bandwidth Management
    QVF 7303 possesses Qno Classical QoS Bandwidth Management. Administrators could set rules to precisely allocate bandwidth to each IP and/or service by limiting the maximum available bandwidth and guaranteeing the minimum bandwidth.
    However, if there are just a few people online, by classical QoS, the remaining bandwidth wouldn’t get used. While by Qno’s exclusive SmartQoS, administrators can resolve such wasting successfully. It just needs several parameters to dynamically manage bandwidth utilization. Users can acquire the bandwidth freely when there are few users in the local network. In addition, Penalty Mechanism in SmartQoS can list IPs which used too much bandwidth for observation, then make the punishment for continue overusing bandwidth. Moreover, SmartQoS can be enabled according to different time periods to fit into local network environments.
    Another noteworthy is its exclusive L7 Web QoS. It can set bandwidth for different web applications, avoiding one application taking up too much bandwidth to influencing other services. To cite an instant, if you set a reasonable bandwidth for webpage videoing under Web QoS, it will move on fluently without stagnation. This is especially fit for Internet Cafes.
QNO Router
  • High Security
    QVF 7303 is a highly integrated device with built-in powerful firewall and management system. The router can deny or block non-standard protocol connections via dynamic detection of the network layer. Also, SPI can filter the passing by packets from bi-directions in the 1st place aiming at Worm Blaster, Trojan, DoS Attack and other kinds of virus. With built-in ARP anti-attack ability, Router can bind IP and MAC addresses automatically without setting up software.
    For common DOS attack, it also possesses the ability to filter short package, fragmentation package, ICMP, SynFlood and TCP/UDP. What’s more, Access Control and Application Filter help on controlling your network operation?
  • Stable Online Environment
    QVF 7303’s Line Back-Up could reconnect to the destination in a real-time from other WAN ports when one of the WAN ports loses connection, ensuring an always-on connection. Strategy Routing can diverge the traffic from different ISPs, avoiding the stagnation among different ISPs in certain areas and helping the network run smoothly!


QVF 7303 has already been used in a lot of Internet Cafes in Philippine and gained approvals. Most of the Internet Café runners said it is effortless to operate with easy-to-use GUI management interface and they really like the Smart QoS Bandwidth Management. Besides, it is very helpful to have 3G/3.5G USB port for wireless Internet. They all agree on the high performance and stability QVF7303 shows.



Real estate is developing as one of China’s pillar industries with strong demand following the high GDP growth rate in the recent years. To meet the rapid growth, real estate businesses must integrate the construction management, property management & real estate agency services together and run the business in chain store model or franchise organization. However, to have a smooth and quick expansion, the high-efficient management plays an important role and it needs a significant factor, informationization. Undoubtedly, SSL VPN takes a great proportion of this process.

The basic job of realtors is to show clients around the housing resources. They need to grasp the newest data of clients and selling status, even on the road. To centralize these databases, real estate businesses normally choose different software to manage various data information. All data from sales offices, estate managing offices and realtors should be reported to Headquarter. For those companies with better informationization, the OA, ERP, or finance systems could be deployed to branches, sales offices, estate management offices, and etc.

However, how to easily and safely access the databases at any time in anywhere? SSL VPN is the answer with low cost, easy establishment, and more important being able to combine with applications of OA, Web, ERP, and remote control. Many real estate companies are choosing it as a network foundation to realize businesses efficiency. New Mainland Real Estate Agency Ltd. (NM) is one of the examples in successfully deploying IPSec VPN and SSL VPN according to its own requirements.

Founded on 10.1, 2004, New Mainland is one real estate agent to market, sale & rent mansions in Nanning, Guangxi province in China. Over 5 years’ developing, its businesses have got a comprehensive promotion and have more than 30 branches radiating in Nanning city. It is becoming one of the most important and influential companies in Nanning real estate industry.

For the time being, New Mainland relies mostly on informationization of the business system such as OA, CRM, project planning & management, that all of them need being online to access. Only in this way, the staff can deal with customers anywhere & anytime. By implement SSL VPN, staff can securely visit company’s Intranet, process e-mail, share files and documents, write the report on CRM, and proceed any other tasks from the hotel, Internet Café, or at home. Moreover, New Mainland’s system serves not only its own managing person but also its clients to provide convenience for housing resources check, member registration, online trading and so on.


Bringing “3S (Secure, Speedy and Simple) on the mind, Qno highlights its simplicity operation on VPN design as always but ensuring the network access smooth and safe. It makes Qno SSL VPN products to be the ideal devices for SMBs. Based on New Mainland’s demand on VPN and PC numbers in its local network, Qno professional FAEs give their suggestion on New Mainland ‘s VPN solution:

QNO Router

In Headquarter, Qno recommends QVF7415 as the core VPN gateway which supports SSL/IPSec/PPTP protocols. In the rest of 30 branch offices, New Mainland deploys Qno QVF7301 as the cost-effective solution. For businessmen and mobile staff, they can connect back to headquarter using SSL VPN with no VPN hardware installation. For administrators in Headquarter as whole network controllers have a unified management on the 30 branches and mobile users.


Easy Installation

In Headquarter, Qno recommends QVF7415 as the core VPN gateway which supports SSL/IPSec/PPTP protocols. In the rest of 30 branch offices, New Mainland deploys Qno QVF7301 as the cost-effective solution. For businessmen and mobile staff, they can connect back to headquarter using SSL VPN with no VPN hardware installation. For administrators in Headquarter as whole network controllers have a unified management on the 30 branches and mobile users.

Central Control

After being connected by SSL VPN and IPSec VPN, housing information of any offices can be handled in Headquarter together and be checked in real time. The difference is that administrators could control the access behaviors of each SSL VPN users while IPSec VPN is more suitable for establishing fix and stable secure tunnels between headquarter and branch offices.

Easy to Expand in Future

Above the listed features, Qno VPN routers have a built-in firewall to guarantee a secure environment without buying special firewall devices additionally. Besides, QVF7415 has a formidable deployment in hardware; it can be used as a VPN gateway and network router at the same time to save IT expense. By using VLAN to divide the Intranet and VPN network, it is easier for the network administrator to manage the whole local network and keep the security of the data servers in the headquarter.

Qno QVF support SSL/IPSec/PPTP so it gives users many options on VPN connection. If New Mainland needs to establish a new branch, it can just choose the most appropriate VPN mode according to the local situation and the actual demand, getting out of some restrictions from ISPs. Also, Qno QVF7415 possesses powerful dual-core hardware platform and multiple application functions; its extensibility is very capable.



Nowadays, financial companies rely on the Internet to carry on applications like Online Deal, Information Monitoring, Trust Management, Office Automation (OA), File Transition and E-Mail. In a word, the business’ daily normal running is basically through the Internet. As the European debt crisis has lasted for several years, these companies suffer heavy losses. Corresponding with the decreased investment, they are looking for a more secure network to lower down the cost in labor and devices. So the larger the businesses are running, the more steady, safe and convenient networks they need. At this time, high-performance but low-cost devices will help them achieve benefits easier.

TIANQI Futures Co., LTD, as one of the financial institutions in China, was founded in 1996 and purchased by China Jianyin Investment Securities with registered 3 trillion RMB capital. It mainly runs commodity futures and monetary futures. At the end of 2009, is headquartered in Shenzhen Futian, and sub distributed around the country in Beijing, Dalian, Changchun, Harbin, Daqing, and Jiamusi.

In early 2011, to develop its online managing range and increase deals, also to share and communicate with other branches more instantly and efficiently, TIQNQI Futures thinks of rebuilding its virtual private network. After a comprehensive consideration of the devices cost, maintenance to flexibility in future extension, they finally decide to choose Qno QVF7412.


In TIQNQI Futures’ intranet, there are OA Servers,ERP Servers and about 60~80 PCs which need to connect to the Internet. It also owns 4 lines accessing the Internet: one for 5M Telecom Optical Fiber, one for 5M Netcom and 2 for 8M ADSL. Their demanding includes managing communication and information flow in the intranet; extending network to developing businesses, and making sure all branches are able to visit OA and ERP Systems in the Headquarter safely and steadily.

In Qno’s solutions, QVF7412 undertakes above requirements: 4WAN ports for ADSL, Optical Fiber and other kinds of broadband accessing for flexible choices. By supporting SSL, IPSec, and PPTP VPN protocols, TIANQI Futures’ branches can choose any one of these 3 VPN types to connect with Headquarter. Because SSL VPN and PPTP don’t need additional devices, it is very costless, too. What’s more, Qno SSL VPN has very secure protections in encryption, authentication and privilege control. That’s why Qno suggests it to TIANQI Futures. Below is the Topology:


QVF7412 has high-efficiency dual-core CPU, which performs very well in data transmitting, anti-attacking. Besides, it provides TIANQI Futures solid and faithful network by below 3 features:

Exclusive Routing Mode

Dividing each line’s loading flexibly and successfully guaranteeing a smooth and steady Internet connecting. Exclusive Routing is loading specific data packages on certain lines by protocol binding. In this way, the traffic won’t be to the crowd for each line thus the connection won’t disrupt. For instance, in TIANQI Futures’ solution, administrators bind applications like webpage and QQ with Telecom Optical Fiber, servers in North Sales Department with Netcom Optical Fiber, the other visiting through the rest of 2 ADSLs. This makes the whole network running fluently.

High Availability (HA)

Lower down the risk of devices’ broken thus for a stable network system. HA is using 2 Qno routers to back up each other in case of one is lost connection with the Internet or broken. After TIANQI Futures deploying 2 Qno QVF7412 and setting HA, there is certainly no worry on online deals.

Bandwidth Management

QNO Router

Able to limit the bandwidth of each user/services for application’s stability. Qno’s QoS function allocates and limits the file download and Web Video traffic on 2 ADSLs lines to realize a maximum on bandwidth utilization, also preventing Thunder and BT for taking too much bandwidth.

For monetary companies’ network, the most important factor is stability. Only stable, it can go on fluent and speedy deals; only stable, it can perform to the extreme for all applications. With four in one functions like VPN, efficient management, backup functionality, and firewall, Qno QVF7412 becomes just this remarkable one for choice.


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