Recovery Upon Reboot

Any harm done to client PC will be restored to initial clean state after rebooting the client PC so worry no more about any malicious software and virus attack.

Diskless Environment

No hard disk is required to be installed in the client PC. All clients are connected via network to server.

Multi-OS Selection

Users can choose the client OS(Windows or Linux) to meet their different needs if the administrator allows them to do so.

User Storage

Users able to read/write their data on the client if the administrator distributed client has file storage, the client data will be saved on the server and do not wipe after reboot.

One Update All Update

Once updates are done and saved in super client(admin), all the clients within the LAN will be updated during the next reboot.

RAM Optimization

Automatically adjust and utilize RAM resources accordingly to each client with different RAM capacity.

VLAN Environment Support

Support various managed switches and allow clients booting up from different VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network).

Multi-Restore Points

Set restore points for every update done on the super client(admin). This makes it easier to fix problems with a simple click from the restore points.

Multi-Driver Support

Support various client specifications or peripherals from different OEMs, able to work with different motherboards, display adapters, sound cards, network adapters, etc.

Multi-Image Concurrently

Clients can boot with multiple image or languages concurrently for different purposes.

Multi-Sync Support

DDS+ is able to multi synchronizing between servers, so it can be used to create additional servers, or just doing regular backup.

Seamless Remote

DDS+ manager provides remote monitoring and controls of the client even from far distance.

RAID Technology Support

DDS+ server supports RAID0 for faster hard disk performance.

File Server Integration

Supports Network Attached Storage (NAS) / Backup File Server integration.

Load Balancing

With 2 or more servers running simultaneously, DDS+ automatically selects the least network load server. If one of the I/O servers break down, the second server will automatically take over all the operation. Support single server with multi NICs load balance too.

User Account

With a user account, allows users to read/write their own data on any client within the LAN, the user data will be saved on the server and do not wipe after reboot. User account creation is on the server end. Account settings, user options, save disk size and hardware control all set by the administrator.

Active Directory(AD) Integration

Support and compatible with Microsoft Active Directory(AD) integration without interrupting any configurations. Retaining the existing rules and policies in controlling users access. Reduce workload and improve management capabilities.

Client Scheduler

Clients in any room can be prepared to your needs accordingly just by few clicks. DDS+ has schedule function to shut down all the clients at a preferred time. It offers great help when two different back to back continuous sessions held that require different software / different OS needs.